About Us

“Arts Workers Japan” is an association of freelancers engaged in the arts and entertainment world whose goal is to support the development of Japanese culture.

We would like to create an environment where people working in arts and entertainment can receive social security, maintain their physical and mental health, receive fair rewards, and continue to work safely in the field of arts and entertainment.

We support people working throughout the arts and entertainment industry such as actors, musicians, Rakugo artists, comedians, magicians, entertainers, singers, voice actors, stuntmen, dancers, film directors, stage directors, lighting engineers, sound engineers, set designers and builders, costumes designers and makers, stage production stuff, sign language interpreters, etc.

It is a nationwide network to support freelancers working in the fields of culture, the arts and performing arts.

What We Do

Safety net

Our Nationwide Centre of Arts Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance is an Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Center that individual arts workers can freely join.

You can apply according to what you do and how much you earn.

The insurance scheme is run by the government, and the compensation is both generous and provides safe and comprehensive support.

Mental Health Care

Consulting service for arts workers by a clinical psychologist. “Kokoro119

This seminar is specially programmed for arts workers by a professional counselor of Harassment.


Any entertainer, regardless of occupation or age, can become a member of this association.

If you would like to apply, please contact us via the “Application / Inquiries” form below.

*Before your application is accepted, there will be an examination prescribed by the association. WORK DESIGN AWARD 2022



The Prize of Women’s Leader(Representative Director:Megumi MORISAKI) / Public Resources Foundation


Official NameArts Workers Japan Association
PresidentMegumi Morisaki (actor)
Address3-6-7-11F Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
AffiliationsNationwide Centre of Arts Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance
(Authorized by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

Application / Inquiries

If you would like to apply or have any inquiries, please contact us via the form below.